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Our Story

Like any good food story, Finch Foods too was founded with the aim to spread far and wide our love for great tasting and unique flavours.

Our Beginnings

We would savour many a flavour on our travels across the waters, and, driven by the appetite to share some of these superior, healthful ingredients with our own families and friends, we decided to explore our sourcing potential.

Intrigued tastebuds soon spread the word, and so, after successfully acquiring sole distribution rights for a number of high-quality ingredients from across the world, in 2015, Finch Foods officially came into being.

Soon, our consumers just couldn’t have enough, and several retailers wanted a bigger piece of our diverse offering; and as we worked towards answering those needs, we built up a formidable global distribution network of manufacturers and suppliers that wholeheartedly believed in our brand. However, four years later, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the many international trade challenges as a result, Finch Foods could no longer import. With the survival of our business and the livelihoods of our employees now at stake, we needed to figure out how to keep our home-grown enterprise afloat.

Home - Grown Goodness

Finch Foods then decided to set our sights inwards, and discovered a wealth of incredible spices, herbs, and more, were to be found right here in Sri Lanka. Robust, nuanced locally-grown flavours were everywhere.

Not enough people knew about the fiery sweetness of the Sri Lankan ghost pepper (nai miris) for example, or the potential of the island’s tender jackfruit as a gluten-free flour alternative - and that didn’t seem fair at all.

So, Finch Foods pivoted from key importer to enthusiastic exporter - spreading the goodness of authentic and all-natural flavours from Sri Lanka across the waters, to soon sourcing and distributing other unique heritage ingredients from across the world. Connecting Culture Through Flavour, indeed.

Responsibly yours

The growing disconnect between food and its heritage, as well as the exploitation of our food systems -and the people that drive them- and planet are very real concerns for us. We work painstakingly to ensure that all of our processes adhere to international Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) standards; prioritising respect for human rights, as we move towards leaving behind an impactful legacy of positively contributing to economic, environmental, and social progress.

Our Values

Our Values

Customer Value Focus

Always in tune with our customers’ needs


Distinction in everything we do


Socially, economically, and environmentally responsible


Setting the standards, taking the risks.

Stakeholder Integration

Valuing the partnerships that make our brand work.


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